Vedas Understanding

VEDAS Understanding

Vedas understanding

Divine KANKREJ GAIA (भारतीय गोवंश) Series 5

KANKREJ GAIA _GOMATA Nandi (भारतीय गोवंश)-Series 5 Location : India Southeast of Rann of kutch, Mehsana, Kutchchh, Ahmedabad, Kheda, Anand , Sabarakantha, Banaskantha districts of Gujarat , Barmer, and Jodhpur districts of Rajasthan. HISTORY and DESCRIPTION: Divine Kankrej Gaia has the origin place in Gujarat and Rajasthan. They are popularly known as zebuine cattle in western … Read more

The Path to talk to Lord KRISHNA is GAUSEVA

Let us first understand the meaning of “GAUSEVA”. GAU means Gaia which is  Kamadhenu and its descendants bharatiya Govansh. SEVA means to be in selfless service, so the word “GAUSEVA” means to be in selfless service of Gaia [youtube] As per various Hinduism texts, Lord Krishna is very closely associated to Gaia and this is the reason he is … Read more

World Environment Day

Today on this World Environment Day, there is Great NEED for India divine HUMPED cows_GOMATANandi (GAIA) be Saved and PROTECTED, In vedas Gaia means goddess personifying the Earth, The word Gaia has been derived from ‘Gau’ or ‘Gava’.By using interchangeable words for Gomata and Earth, Vedas, the oldest repository of knowledge, emphatically state that Gomata is a symbolic representation of … Read more


I would like to share a Personal incident with you all- I regularly visit to Gaushalas to be in service of Gaia (Humpedcows). In our area where I stay all the local dairy people who are in milk business have foreign cow breeds i.e humpless Jersey , Holstein Friesians cows  which gives milk in huge quantity with toxic … Read more

The Manifestation of Lord Krishna.

A true devotion to Lord Krishna is to SAVE, PROTECT, Support, Serve  “Gaia” ( GOMATA NANDI) commonly known as “Bharatiya Govansh“ **The Cow that LORD KRISHNA USED TO WORSHIP ,and, he himself  manifested was a Gaia named “KAMADHENU” which is the original wish fulfilling divine Gaia. Lord Krishna with Divine Gaia “KAMADHENU” GOMATA. In INDIA , … Read more

Biggest Living Heritage is becoming extinct.

About three centuries ago , India is believed to have atleast or more than 300 native breeds of  divine HUMPED Cows (Gaia), which fell to 77 at the time of independence and at Present divine HUMPED Cows is at the verge of extinct  LEFT ONLY WITH 39  Native breeds of HUMPEDCows (Bharatiya Govansh).   What caused … Read more

Are COWS worshipped in hinduism ?

Hinduism is a religion that has its roots in Vedas. However the knowledge of Vedas is acquired by handful of hindus, that is ,not every hindu is educated with Vedas. To understand why hindus do NOT worship COW we need to first understand what is the origin of COW and this origin factor will decide … Read more