Vedas Understanding

VEDAS Understanding

Vedas understanding

Biggest Living Heritage is becoming extinct.

About three centuries ago , India is believed to have atleast or more than 300 native breeds of  divine HUMPED Cows (Gaia), which fell to 77 at the time of independence and at Present divine HUMPED Cows is at the verge of extinct  LEFT ONLY WITH 39  Native breeds of HUMPEDCows (Bharatiya Govansh).
What caused this extinction?
The milk INDIA produce today is the cheapest in the world TOXIC white slow poison milk from humpless animals like Jersey ,Guernsey, HF cows and other foreign cow breeds, and this is because of “White Revolution” in India.
Indian father of White Revolution Kurian Varghese did this by his great advocate of allowing the divine HUMPEDcows (Gaia) to be cross bred with humpless animal, and increase the cheap population of humpless cows by distributing to the farmers, dairy industry at the cost of India’s Biggest Living heritage Gaia _GOMATA NANDI.
On an average, nearly 150000 divine Gaia  (HUMPEDcows) are slaughtered in India every day making India the world’s largest exporter of beef, estimates from top organisations shows that in 10 years, India will have no more “Gaia ” left, and it will soon have to import the milk .
Today a huge percentage of divine Gaia (HUMPEDCows)  has been sent to slaughter houses, with the lobbied up with secretly involved in an immoral or illegal act.
Currently, India is considered the world’s third biggest beef exporter in terms of volume, behind Brazil and Australia.
Our divine Gaia (HUMPEDCows) provides Supreme quality world Class Milk commonly considered as A2 type, and EVERYTHING that humanity gets is useful commonly known as “PANCHAGAVYA” 
When EVERYTHING that we get from divine Gaia (HUMPEDCows) is useful then –
WHY humans are killing for meat and using it for all wrong things? 
Answer :  This is because of LACK  of AWARENESS  and Ignorant nature of humans about the divinity of  Gaia as mentioned in  samskritam scriptures like Srimad Bhagavatam, Rig veda, Atharva Veda etc. which clearly state the biggest SIN is to use Gaia (HUMPEDCows) in Adharma form (that which is not in accord with Dharma) by killing , slaughtering , eating the meat of HUMPEDCows.

Gaia / Gau is  elevated to divinity in the Rig Veda. In Book VI, Hymn XXVIII attributed to Rishi Bhardwaja extols the virtue of the divine Gaia. In Atharva Veda (Book X, Hymn X), the Gaia is formally designated as Vishnu.

Irrespective of religion, caste, creed , nation etc divine Gaia ( HUMPED Cows) nourishes the whole humanity on the earth with its “”PANCHAGAVYA” so WE as a  Global citizens on this Earth should have a MORAL DUTY  to Protect, Serve, Support Gaia ( HUMPED _Cows )(GOMATA NANDI.)
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