Vedas Understanding

VEDAS Understanding

Vedas understanding

The Manifestation of Lord Krishna.

A true devotion to Lord Krishna is to SAVE, PROTECT, Support, Serve  “Gaia” ( GOMATA NANDI) commonly known as “Bharatiya Govansh

**The Cow that LORD KRISHNA USED TO WORSHIP ,and, he himself  manifested was a Gaia named KAMADHENU” which is the original wish fulfilling divine Gaia.
Lord Krishna with Divine Gaia “KAMADHENU” GOMATA.
In INDIA , HUMPEDCow (Bharatiya Govansh) is  known as “Gaia” “GOMATA” “Desi cow” “Nandi” 
“Gaia means the HUMPEDCow (Gomata) which is Goddess that is personification of Prithvi (Earth)”.
According to Nirukta which is the earliest book of etymology from India, ancillary science connected with the Vedas-the scriptures of Hinduism , the word “Gaia” has been interrelated to two words –HUMPEDCow (GOMATA Nandi) and Earth (Dharti maa/ Prithvi).
In Vedas the words for Vedic “HUMPED Cow” and “EARTH” are used interchangeable, which clearly state that HUMPED cow (GOMATA) is the a symbolic representation of “Planet Earth”itself. Therefore HUMPED cow has a serious significance for saving “Planet Earth”in crisis.So it is said to “SAVE THE PLANET EARTH” we need to “SAVE GAIA/ GOMATA”

According to Bhagavata Purana ,the Biggest SIN on Earth is to Kill the “Gaia (Gomata/Nandi)” such person faces the consequences by suffering not ONLY in this birth but in Millions of his/her birth , that is why we see many humans in Kaliyug suffering, weeping, not living their life happily , peacefully and in worst scenario praying for death .
“One step of Adharma Act makes Millions Karmic Actions”
*Adharma Act means that which is not in accord with Dharma,i.e, killing, slaughtering, eating the meat of HUMPEDCow (GAIA) .
One SHOULD NEVER show disrespect for HUMPED Cows (GOMATA NANDI) in any way nor should one feel any repugnance towards the urine and dung of HUMPED cows because these things are also pure.When HUMPED Cows (GOMATA Nandi) are grazing or laying down relaxing one SHOULD NEVER disturb or annoy them in anyway.
HUMPED Cows (GOMATA Nandi) SHOULD NEVER be Killed in any type of sacrifice and NEVER be slaughtered in anyway for food as killing of HUMPED Cows (GOMATA Nandi) constitutes the most heinous BIGGEST of all SINS in existence , as per Indian Vedas, Srimad Bhagavad -Gita.
The HUMPED Cows (Gomata/ Gaia) is so merciful that it  freely gives their divine elixir to entire humanity its  “Panchgavya” which is Gomay (dung), Gomutra (urine),milk, curd, ghee.
Everything that we get from HUMPED cows is useful to humanity due to its divine nature, that is why India has revered GAIA ( HUMPED cows) as “GOMATA” (mother).

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