Vedas Understanding

VEDAS Understanding

Vedas understanding


I would like to share a Personal incident with you all- I regularly visit to Gaushalas to be in service of Gaia (Humpedcows). In our area where I stay all the local dairy people who are in milk business have foreign cow breeds i.e humpless Jersey , Holstein Friesians cows  which gives milk in huge quantity with toxic quality. 

I could not find any HUMPEDCow  i.e. desi cow (Gaia/Gomata) in my area for many years, But recently  I was happy to find HUMPEDCow  (Gaia/Gomata) in my area which is maharashtra’s Khillari breed (Bharatiya Govansh), Khillari gaia  is very beautiful , and when I talked to the owner of khillari gaia he said that “he had recently bought this gaia from a rural old villager and the gaia is about to deliver a calf within few days”.Recently, Khillari gaia  delivered a Nandi calf which is also healthy and beautiful.

I was surprised  when the owner of the Khillari gaia said that “he was unaware about the difference between the HUMPEDCow (desi cow) and foreign cow breeds like Jersey” , he said me that he came to know about the  HUMPEDcow  from his educated gujarati friend who said him to purchase the HUMPEDcow instead of foreign cow breed .
Our Family is supporting the owner of Khillari gaia , we are ensuring the calf is feeded properly of his mother’s milk sufficiently also we ensured him that the small quantity of milk which is remaining after feeding the calf will be purchased by us.I would like to say to all Indians , if there is any local small farmer who is having  HUMPEDCow (Gaia/ desicow) PLEASE Support them so that they will be encouraged and educated about Our Living Heritage HUMPEDCow Gomata Nandi (Bharatiya Govansh).

Also, I would like to mention about important fact about all pure HUMPEDCows breeds i.e Bharatiya Govansh that they give less quantity of milk with highest QUALITY . My grandma who use to consume Panchagavya daily said to me “ less the quantity of milk indicates more medicinal values in its milk , curd, ghee, urine, and dung”. 

Khillari Gaia

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