Vedas Understanding

VEDAS Understanding

Vedas understanding

World Environment Day

Today on this World Environment Day, there is Great NEED for India divine HUMPED cows_GOMATANandi (GAIA) be Saved and PROTECTED, In vedas Gaia means goddess personifying the Earth, The word Gaia has been derived from ‘Gau’ or ‘Gava’.By using interchangeable words for Gomata and Earth, Vedas, the oldest repository of knowledge, emphatically state that Gomata is a symbolic representation of the planet Earth itself. 

In almost all Indian languages, HUMPEDCow is know as gaia or go-mata. Therefore HUMPEDCows  has a serious significance for saving a planet in crisis. Of all the man-made crises, probably the worst is the destruction of top soil and desertification of fertile lands.The history of preceding civilizations and cultures indicate the imbalances that have developed when minerals have been permanently transferred from the soil. There are only a few localities in the world where great civilizations have continued to exist through long periods and these have very distinct characteristics. It required only a few centuries, and in some profligate systems of a few decades to produce so serious a mineral depletion of the soil that progressive plant and animal deterioration resulted. In such instances, regular and adequate replenishment was not taking place. In nature’s program, minerals are loaned temporarily to the plants and animals and their return to the soil is essential. In the case of a forest system, this replenishment is made by its plant and animal life automatically. But in case of agriculture, we have to make a conscious effort to do it. A few intelligent civilizations have done it but the balance of the cultures have largely failed at this point. One such civilization was Indian (or Vedic) Civilization, according to the available historical records, they have successfully farmed and protected the topsoil for at least 50 centuries, and the entire credit for this goes to humble Divine HUMPEDCows_GAIA .But this all has changed in last few decades. Indian government, especially in the post-independence era, has made great efforts to promote Gaia slaughter and beef export. Their efforts finally paid off when this year India topped the list of beef exporting countries.But this ‘accomplishment’ has come with a big price tag. The whole agriculture sector is dying out in a country where 70% of the people directly depend on small farm holdings. This is evidenced by rising food prices of food and a spate of farmers’ suicides.

There is Great NEED for INDIA to PROTECT the biggest Living Heritage_HUMPED cows_GOMATANandi, as it will Protect the ROOTS of INDIAN Culture , this can be done by:
1.India Divine HUMPED cow Gomata should be given the honor of Rashtramata ( Mother of Nation ).
2.Gaia_HUMPEDCow Protection Ministery should be formed separately.
3.Gaia_HUMPEDCow’s dung and urine should be used as manure for restoration of topsoil .Gobar gas plant should be installed, Gobar Gas should be used for cooking and after converting gobar gas to CNG we should start using it for running vehicles,Government should start buying HUMPEDCow’s dung from farmers so that farmers could get good income and job. Which would also stop migrations of Farmers from Villages to Cities
4.Foreign breeds of Cows like Jersey etc SHOULD be banned and Gaia_ HUMPED cows should be provided to Farmers by the government , along with that educating the farmers about the importance of  Divine HUMPED cows in human life so that farmers don’t do illegal activities like sending them to slaughter houses, cross breed etc.
6.Artificial insemination of  Gaia_HUMPEDCows should be stopped and Indian Bull (Nandi) should be made available in every village, with giving proper knowledge to Farmer so that farmers don’t do illegal activities like sending them to slaughter houses, cross breed etc.
7.Gocharan Bhumi  should be made available for Gaia_HUMPEDCows
8.Gaia _HUMPEDCows killers should be given severest punishment.i.e Strict Law SHOULD be passed for capital punishment.

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