Vedas Understanding

VEDAS Understanding

Vedas understanding

The Path to talk to Lord KRISHNA is GAUSEVA

Let us first understand the meaning of “GAUSEVA”.

GAU means Gaia which is  Kamadhenu and its descendants bharatiya Govansh.

SEVA means to be in selfless service, so the word “GAUSEVA” means to be in selfless service of Gaia

Kamadhenu and its descendants bharatiya Govansh.

As per various Hinduism texts, Lord Krishna is very closely associated to Gaia and this is the reason he is also named as “GOPAL” meaning the one who is in selfless service of  the gau and “GOVINDA” meaning the one who protects the gau .

Lord Krishna with Gaia

Mount Govardhana and Kamadhenu Incident:Srimad Bhagavatam (Dasama skandha):
After  teaching a lesson to Indra , in  embarrassment Indra asked for an apology and gifted him one of the Kamadhenus to please lord Krishna and named him  “Govinda” , it is said that lord Krishna lifted the Govardhana mountain and defeated king of heaven Indra  when divine Kamadhenu came to gokula and bathed lord Krishna with her milk.
Mount Govardhana and Kamadhenu Incident
Krishna would take the gaia in the forests and would even milk gaia while in Braj. He treated gaia with utmost care. When he would play flute gaia would stop eating and start crying. When Krishna went to Mathura gaia would not even eat, they were deeply saddened by Krishna’s absence. In the entire tenure of lord Krishna we cannot ignore the association and importance of gaia.

One who is serious in his devotional life, one who wants Krishna and his love cannot ignore the importance of a Gaia. Bhagavad Gita tells us about the importance of being in”Satva-guna”, Worshiping Gaia brings ”Satva-guna” peace , joy, wealth. Drinking Gaia’s milk, urine 
(gaumutra) blesses us with supreme consciousness and vital energy and fills our body with transcendental qualities (sattvikta). The Panchagavya of Gaia helps us purify our body and purify our thoughts which in-turn helps us to perform right actions. 

By feeding fodder, grass, grains and fulfilling the moral obligation of Gauseva towards Gaia one can receive extraordinary spiritual benefits. Serving (Gauseva) and protecting (Gauraksha) Gaia pleases God and Demi-gods present in the Gaia and it takes us closer to the Supreme personality of God. According to Skanda Purana, “One can demolish all his sinful acts by simply offering respect to the Gaia”. If we maintain and serve (Gauseva)  Gaia in a nice manner then we can not only catch Krishna’s attention  but we can please Krishna as well. Krishna is dear with those who serve(Gauseva) gaia and protect (Gauraksha) them. He is delighted by any effort done to serve (Gauseva) a gaia and protect (Gauraksha) Gaia.
Even after knowing Lord  Krishna’s life, we overlook the importance Lord  Krishna gave to the Gaia. There were two instances where Krishna has tried to convince us of how one can win Krishna by serving (Gauseva) a Gaia Krishna always taught about importance of  gaia  through his actions. His love for  Gaia is also seen from his two names “GOPAL” and “GOVINDA”.
In the 11th chapter of Srimad Bhagavatam, Lord  Krishna told his beloved cousin Uddhava that he can be worshiped by offering divine Gaia grass and other suitable grains. Worshiping divine Gaia is equal to worshiping Krishna.

Lord  Krishna with his beloved cousin Uddhava

ALWAYS be in SERVICE (Gauseva) PROTECTION (Gauraksha) of  Gaia .

NOTE: In VEDAS Gai , Gau, Gava, Go, Gaia ,गौ , भूदेवी (Mother Earth) ,गौमाता , नंदी, Surabhi, Kamadhenu, Nandini , Sushila  means HUMPEDCows / Bhartiya Govansh (भारतीय गोवंश)

COW is just a bad translation for samskritam word “GAIA / GAU” .


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