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VEDAS Understanding

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Divine ONGOLE GAIA (भारतीय गोवंश) Series 6

ONGOLE GAIA _GOMATA Nandi (भारतीय गोवंश)- Series 6

Divine ONGOLE has the origin place in Andhra Pradesh. This divine gaia got its name from its geographical area of origin Ongole. It is also known as “Nellore” as the Ongole area was earlier in Nellore district.
Its Location is in the districts of Andhra Pradesh which includes East Godavari, Guntur, Ongole, Nellore and Kurnool and extends all along the coast from Nellore to Vizianagaram.

Divine ONGOLE Nandi (male) with prodigious dewlap, large hump and stately walk ,is confined to Kurnool-Prakasam districts, is indeed the relic of Sarasvati-Dhrishadvati Culture which influenced the Neolithic cattle keepers of the south during the 4th Millennium B.C.

Brazil imported divine Ongoles first in 1875. In 1885 USA imported two Nellore Nandi (male).
Divine ONGOLE played a very important role in producing many other famous cattle breeds .i.e the Divine Brahmana Nandi (male) in America, which is an off-breed of the Ongole, and the famous Santa Gertrudis cattle breed has Ongole blood which developed in Texus, United States.
Unfortunate part of India:
In India due to lack of government control & regulations, lack of strict law for protection of its biggest living heritage _divine Gaia ((भारतीय गोवंश)) , today India’s divine Ongole gaia are found in foreign countries like West Indies, Fiji, Mauritius, Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay, Netherlands, America, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Malaysia, Indo-China and Philippines for beef purpose.
Day by day India is losing its Biggest living heritage treasure divine gaia “ONGOLE”. Lack of government control, Lack of strict laws for its conservation, lack of proper knowledge awareness , promotion among the Indian farmers have made “divine Ongole” endangered species. 
Many of the Ongole are being cross breeded with the Foreign Cows which makes the situation even worst in India leaving behind very few PURE breeds . Great NEED in India to STOP Crossbreed with the foreign cow breeds (Bos Taurus) and maintain the Pure ONGOLE , Out of 10.95 milion cattle in Andhra Pradesh (1993 census), 30% are Ongole type and 5 % only are considered to be true Ongoles.
The pure breed of Ongole breed is fast becoming extinct in the land of its origin  INDIA, and the biggest unfortunate part of India is that countries like Brazil import the finest Ongole from India and are reared as beef breed .
Great NEED for government of INDIA to put restriction on the import of its Divine Ongole breed to other countries and start spreading the awareness among the farmers of importance of ONGOLE in agriculture land. It is a  NEED of the hour in INDIA to STOP GOHATYA in entire country for Protection of its biggest Living heritage _divine Gaia.
One of the reason for government negligence was blind acceptance of Western culture notion. Western countries through Genetic mutation & modification (GM) developed their own Cow (Bos TaURUS) with the sole purpose to profit beef industry. Since these Foreign cows are GM animals they give very high quatity of milk  thereby make profitable dairy industry also .Primarily all foreign countries use COW to fulfill its greedy want of beef , milk was never their primary need .
INDIA for many years is the ONLY country that look at their divine gaia  for milk, curd and ghee BUT more for its Gomutra (Urine) and  Gomay (Dung) as these 2 possess immense medicinal properties that constituted best organic manure for maintaining creating the top soil that made land rich fertile naturally & this is regarded as the pure rich form of Bioenergy, these 2 products were also used for healing many diseases through ayurveda treatment, this is the reason divine gaia were considered treasure in the house which made ancient India very Prosperous , abundant , healthy nation.Great NEED in India to PROTECT its ROOTS _Divine gaia (Bharatiya Govansh)
The natural farming movement spearheaded by Indian agriculturist Subhash Palekar from Maharastra have gained the attention in Andhra Pradesh. Farmers in Andhra Pradesh who had paid a heavy price by practising inorganic farming started realizing the importance of its native ONGOLE gaia in agriculture. Divine NANDI (male) of this breed is very powerful and suitable for ploughing and cart pulling and its Gomutra & Gobar possess immense medicinal properties which makes the very rich source of Bioenergy, manure.
•As mentioned by P. Sambasiva Rao (farmer) “It took three years for me to regain the soil health affected due to indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers,now I grow multiple crops including vegetables through organic farming, ‘I have been using only bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers made from primarly gomutra and gomaya to grow crops”.
•The Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) has embarked upon a mission of conservation of pure Ongole breed. Many Medicinal Properties are being found in its Gomutra (Urine) which are Phosphate, Sodium, Potassium , Manganese, Carbolic Acid , Calcium , Lactose C6H12O6, Creatinin C4HgN2O2, Aurum Hydroxide and in its Gomaya i.e Dung which includes properties like Molybdenum , Borex, Cobalt Sulphate, Phosphorus, Irons, Manganese, Sodium, Boron, Potassium, Copper which is used for healing many incurable diseases and is highly valuable in cowpathy Ayurveda treatment. Due to rise of awareness, Gomutra (urine) and Gomay(dung) from divine Ongole gaia has become the source of revenue for many farmers , in somes place farmers are merely keeping divine Ongole for its Gomutra (Urine) and Gomay(dung) which is becoming a blessing for their agriculture land and a great source of side income for many farmers.
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