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VEDAS Understanding

Vedas understanding

Why is Cow milk considered to be harmful ?

We all are aware that INDIA is at the verge of extinct of its Divine HUMPEDcows (Gaia)  which means the population of Divine Gaia (HUMPEDCows) is less in India, still there are huge Food Industries that are producing the “Desi Ghee” or PURE COW Ghee ,so from where do they produce huge quantity of “Desi Ghee” when Divine Gaia gives comparatively less milk and are almost at the verge of extinct in India, the answer is that huge FOOD companies in India are populated with Foreign humpless animal {Bos TaURUS} Jersey Holstein Friesian (HF ) cow breed which eats non-vegetarian feed also ,gives huge quantity & qualityless milk upto 40- 60 litre  per day and this qualityless milk is diluted with Urea, color, animal fat and, formalin and from it artificial yellow “DESI Ghee” is produced.
NOTE: PLEASE BE AWARE of these adulterants as they have dangerous effects on health 

Please be aware of this TOXIC white slow poison “A1 type” produced from humpless (Bos Taurus) GM wild ancestors of URUS .

Today most of the dairies across India produce milk from Bos TaURUS _Jersey, HF cows and many other foreign cross breeds which gives Toxic white Slow poison A1 type which is the root cause of many diseases like Diabetes, colon cancer etc. as it contain a poisonous chemical called Casomorphin as claimed by Western Scientists. 

People of Europe hunted this wild animal for good quality and quantity of meat, milk is never their primary consumption.

भारत में आज सूअर को गलती से “गाय” “गौमाता” बोला जाता है और समझा जाता है, जो एक बहुत बड़ी गलती है।
आज भारत में लोगों के बीच जागरुकता की कमी और लोगों की अज्ञानी प्रकृति के कारण ,जर्सी और कई विदेशी नस्लों को “गाय” “गौमाता” समझते है, जो कि बिल्कुल गलत है, जर्सी विदेशी नस्लों कि “गाय” सूअर प्राणी से उत्पन हुई है, जर्सी विदेशी नस्लों कि गाय दिव्य पवित्र नही है, उन्हे गाय कहना भी गलत है, जर्सी एक सूअर प्राणी है, 
जर्सी और कई विदेशी नस्लों (बोस टूरस/वृषभ)आनुवंशिक रूप से संशोधित URUS नामक जंगली जानवर की मूल नस्ल है ।

Please be aware of this TOXIC white slow poison “A1 type” produced from humpless (Bos TaURUS) GM wild ancestors of URUS which are Jersey, HF , Guernsey cow, Belgian Blue Cow
in short all humpless foreign cow breeds.

 Switch to Divine Gaia’s milk , vedas describe this divine milk as being equivalent to ambrosial nectar.
At prima facie divine Gaia (HUMPEDCows) gives comparatively less milk, BUT, if we look from the bigger perspective the Divine Gaia (HUMPEDcows ) lactates three times more in a year than the humpless variety and hence gives more milk and also everything is useful to humanity which includes its Gomutra (urine ) Gomaya (dung) , but unfortunately very few people in india looks at divine Gaia from this bigger perspective, humpless foreign cow (Bos TaURUS) lactates ONLY 1 time in a year ,they eat huge quantity of fodder, grass etc very lazy as it does not like to roam, also these foreign breeds get sick, ill, diseases occur frequently as Indian climate is NOT suitable to them, so there is lot of maintenance cost attached to these foreign breeds , also when these foreign exotic breeds are affected by any type of diseases (which they will ) there is a high possibility that such diseases , illness will be transferred in its milk as they are NOT disease resistance, as these Foreign breeds (Jersey , HF etc ) Bos TaURUS are GM everything is TOXIC slow poison which includes its A1 type milk , urine, and dung.
Ways to PROTECT divine GAIA:
There are 5 main ways to SAVE PROTECT Divine Gaia (HUMPED Cows) which are at the verge of extinct:
1. To Spread the AWARENESS , educate the people at large about the Biggest living heritage of India _Divine Gaia _HUMPEDCows (भारतीय गोवंश )
2. To STOP Cross breed of Divine HUMPED cows  with  humpless foreign cow breed.
3. Bring into enforcement STRICT LAW Capital Punishment for the Biggest SIN of Gohatya and place Strict BAN on GOHATYA in entire India i.e 29 states and 7 union territories.
4. Legally giving गोचर-भूमि (Grazing land) to Divine Gaia (HUMPEDcows) , which are already in their name
5.Need to make Divine Gaia (HUMPEDcows) part of our daily life , by taking moral PERSONAL responsibility of at least 1 Gaia towards GauSeva and protection.

Shocking Truth about dairy industry:
Recently 5 months back I personally spoke to a person who happens to be retired manager of “gowardhan milk” he said that the secret for this popular brand is that it is produced from more than 2000 Holstein Friesian (HF cows)_Jersey breed which gives huge quantity milk and from this A1 type slow poison all the products like paneer, curd, cheese etc is made, the Shocking TRUTH that he revealed is that these products are diluted with Urea, color, animal fat, also he said his family personally DOES NOT consume these products, also the Annual report of Parag Milk Foods Pvt. Ltd shows they have more than 2000 Holstein Friesian (HF ) _Jersey cows and NO GAIA ( HUMPEDCows) so there is big question mark on its desi ghee. PLEASE be aware of this fact as these products contains A1 type TOXIC  and may affect human body both physically, psychologically by inviting many diseases.
From 1970 till NOW MAJOR FOOD Industries in INDIA are populated with humpless  A1 type TOXIC white slow poison foreign cow’s milk, and this happened under the name of “Operation Flood “or White Revolution”, which is the huge profit to dairy farmers and BIG HEALTH LOSS to consumers as this is the root cause of many diseases like diabets, cancer etc which affects body like a SLOW TOXIC poison.
Many Big FOOD Industries in India are promoting this humpless TOXIC foreign cow breeds (Jersey, HF etc ) milk along with the Celebrity, one of them is Parag Milk Foods Ltd which operates brands like Gowardhan, Go, Pride of Cows etc which are produced from more than 2,000 crossbred Holstein Friesians (humpless foreign Cows breeds) , also if you look at its product the image is of humpless TOXIC Holstein Friesian (HF) cow, its TOXIC milk is sold under the brand of “Pride of Cows” ,”Gowardhan”, “GO”, 

NOTE : If you can’t find Gaia ‘s milk then less better option is buffalo milk. 

Foreign breeds of cows like Jersey, HF etc are high profit making to dairy farmers who want to increase milk production i.e huge quantity with ZERO quality, and its TOXIC A1 type milk consumption make people more prone to illness, health issues, diseases .
WHY is HUMPLESS Cows _Bos Taurus (Foreign cow breeds) milk harmful?

Scientific Explanation-
Firstly, the Humpless cows (Bos TaURUS) are GM from wild animal URUS so due to this Genetic modification they produce “A1 beta-casein” and this “A1” is considered a “Genetic mutation” that results in the production of the compound “BCM7” assumed to be causing the development of unwanted health conditions and illnesses among the people who consume this “A1 type milk”.This “A1 Genetic mutation” happened in the amino acid chain link number 67 that is linked with histidine.As “A1 beta-casein” produces BCM7 (Beta-casomorphin-7), which is known to have opioid or narcotic side effects and is identified to be the culprit of lactose intolerance and the absorption into the bloodstream leads to the high incidence of autism, schizophrenia, and other disorders like
– Diabetes-type 1
– Sudden death Syndrome in infants
– Ulcerative colitis,
– Cardiac problems
– Multiple sclerosis,
– Mental disorders
– Parkinsons
– Schizophrenia.
– Obesity
– Arteriosclerosis
– Intolerance bloating
Recently , as per epidemiology evidence,it is found that the consumption of A1 milk is a contributing factor in the increased risk of development diabetes type 1 among children

Despite showing this scientific evidence , still it will take more than decade to spread this basic MASS AWARENESS among the Indians at large.

Wakeup call for INDIA

It is Unfortunate part that Nation like INDIA is gifted with NATURAL Gift of “Gaia” and people are still NOT AWARE of this FACT, and for more than decade mass population is consuming this TOXIC humpless Foreign cow breed milk which is the root cause of many disease like diabetes, cancer and many more.

The Good part is that recently many individuals have come forward after knowing all these above FACTS to PROTECT Divine Gaia (HUMPEDcows) , Great humans like Aseem Rawat who is working towards conservation of bhartiya govansh  (Gaia) by running the “Hetha Dairy Farm” where in the milking of  Gaia is done by following the path of dharma which means ONLY milk from two teats is used for business purpose and milk from remaining two teats is used by calf, this is known as “दोहन” = Milk from two teats for the calf and milk from the other two for mankind, which makes happy peaceful to both Gomata’s calf and human .
Pune-based businessman Chandrakant Bharekar came forward to Protect the divine bhartiya govansh  (Gaia)Tharparkar breed he is founder of the “Vrindavan Tharparkar Desi Cow Club” whose sole aim is to protect this Divine native breed of rajasthan, so it is highly recommended to support many such small private players who are involved in SAVING PROTECTING Divine HUMPED Cows _GOMATA NANDI bhartiya govansh  (Gaia)
There is Great NEED that we make Divine Gaia (HUMPEDCows) part of our life by taking moral PERSONAL responsibility of Gauseva & protection of at least 1 Gaia which is the biggest step towards the Protection of Eternal DHARMA.

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