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Vedas understanding

Divine SAHIWAL GAIA (भारतीय गोवंश) Series 1

SAHIWAL GAIA _GOMATA Nandi (भारतीय गोवंश)– Series 1
Divine Sahiwal Gaia has the origin place in Sahiwal District which is in the Punjab province of Pakistan .They are considered one of the native bharatiya Govansh of Punjab and under the ‘Rashtriya Gokul Mission’ farmers are given incentives to rear this endangered breed.
Sahiwal Gaia is considered to be  one of the best dairy breeds in India and Pakistan. 
Due to their heat tolerance and high milk production they have been exported to other Asian countries as well as Africa and the Caribbean.
Due to its unique characteristics, Sahiwal breed is exported to wide list of countries and regions. This is Unfortunate part of INDIA  as they were exported to foreign countries for beef purpose. The Sahiwal breed arrived in Australia via New Guinea in the early 1950s.The contribution of the Sahiwal breed to adaptability is well documented in Kenya, Jamaica, Guyana, Burundi, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and several ecological zones of Africa where Sahiwals have been crossed with exotic Bos taurus i.e foreign cow breeds that have a high response capability for milk and beef production but lack adaptability to local conditions.
Day by day India is losing its Biggest living heritage treasure  divine Gaia. Lack of government control, lack of strict laws for its conservation, lack of proper knowledge awareness , promotion among the Indian farmers have made “divine SAHIWAL Gaia ” endangered. Many of the SAHIWAL  are being cross breeded with the Foreign Cows which makes the situation even worst in India leaving behind very few PURE SAHIWAL . Great NEED in India to STOP Crossbreed with the foreign cow breeds and maintain the Pure SAHIWAL .
Wakeup Call for India:
Great NEED for government of INDIA to BAN on the export of its Divine SAHIWAL breed to other countries and start spreading the awareness among the farmers of importance of SAHIWAL in agriculture land. Its a NEED of the hour in INDIA to STOP GAUHATYA in entire country for Protection of its biggest Living heritage -divine Gaia.
Did you Know this FACT?
Indian civilization was a “Prosperous” abundance nation because of Agriculture being backbone and this was because india had topsoil for atleast 50 centuries and this was all due to its native divine Gaia_Bharatiya Govansh. Indian culture ‘s roots is its divine Gaia which made the most fertile top soil through its GOMAY (dung) and GOMUTRA ( Urine).

Only divine Gaia ‘s dung and urine have immense medicinal properties that is used both for soil fertility and is used in many ayurvedic medicines as it is deemed to fit for consumption by humans in panchagavya treatment which is also known as cowpathy
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