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Divine GIR GAIA (भारतीय गोवंश) Series 2

GIR  GAIA _GOMATA Nandi (भारतीय गोवंश)- Series 2

Gir Gaia
Divine GIR Gaia is popularly named as ZEBU by brazil ,Brazilian farmers first shipped three Bharatiya Govansh from India – Gir and Kankrej from Gujarat and Ongole from Andhra Pradesh, in 1850. These Bharatiya Govansh were essentially used by brazil in agriculture and for beef purpose.But they soon found out that Gir Gaia gave large quantities of milk. Pedigreed Gir Gaia in Brazil get the Pure Origin India (POI) tag. Each animal’s pedigree and DNA is registered with Association of Brazilian Zebu Breeders, an apex body.
Today, Gir Gaia is apparently on the verge of extinction from India. Gujarat is estimated to have only around 3,000 PURE breed of GIR GAIA at present.
Wakeup Call for India:
Great NEED for government of INDIA to BAN on the export of its Divine GIR Bharatiya Govansh to other countries and start spreading the awareness among the farmers of importance of GIR in agriculture land, it is scientifically proven that ONLY the Dung i.e Gomaya and Urine i.e GOMUTRA has immense medicinal properties and if used in agriculture land creates the rich fertile soil.  Its a NEED of the hour in INDIA to STOP GAUHATYA in entire country for Protection of its biggest Living heritage -divine GAIA

Did you Know this FACT about Gaia (Bharatiya Govansh)?
Indian civilization was a “Prosperous” abundance nation because of Agriculture being backbone and this was because india had topsoil for atleast 50 centuries and this was all due its native divine Gaia _Bharatiya Govansh. Indian culture’s roots is its divine Gaia which made the most fertile top soil through its GOMAY (dung) and GOMUTRA (Urine).
Only Gaia ‘s dung and urine have immense medicinal properties that is used both for soil fertility and is used in many ayurvedic medicines as it is deemed to fit for consumption by humans in panchagavya treatment which is also known as cowpathy.
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