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Vedas understanding

Divine SINDHI GAIA (भारतीय गोवंश) Series 3

SINDHI GAIA  _ GOMATA Nandi (भारतीय गोवंश) Series-3

This Bharatiya Govansh originated in in Hyderabad , Rajasthan and Sindh province of Pakistan, they are widely kept for milk production across Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.
Sindhi Gaia have been used for crossbreeding with foreign cow breeds (Bos Taurus) in many countries to combine their tropical adaptations (heat tolerance, tick resistance, disease resistance, fertility at higher temperatures, etc.) with the high milk producing foreign cow breeds . It has been crossed breed with Jerseys in many places, including India, the United States, Australia, Sri Lanka
According to the year 2013 census,the population of this Bharatiya Govansh has shrunk to even less than 70,000 numbers, The prevalent situation calls for an urgent need for genetic management and conservation of this Bharatiya Govansh . In view of the status and performance of this Bharatiya Govansh , all organized herds in our country should be declared as conservation units. Attempts should be made to multiply the germplasm of this Bharatiya Govansh  at a faster pace.An improvement programme incorporating all organized herds (Associated Herd Progeny Testing) should be planned on a priority, for improvement of this Bharatiya Govansh 
Did you Know this FACT?
Indian civilization was a “Prosperous” abundance nation because of Agriculture being backbone and this was because india had topsoil for atleast 50 centuries and this was all due to its native divine Gaia_Bharatiya Govansh. Indian culture ‘s roots is its divine Gaia which made the most fertile top soil through its GOMAY (dung) and GOMUTRA ( Urine).
Only divine Gaia ‘s dung and urine have immense medicinal properties that is used both for soil fertility and is used in many ayurvedic medicines as it is deemed to fit for consumption by humans in panchagavya treatment which is also known as cowpathy
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