Vedas Understanding

VEDAS Understanding

Vedas understanding

Real Truth about Gauseva and Gauraksha .


My Experience of Gauseva in the state of Rajasthan.
There is Gauraksha BUT hardly any “GAUSEVA” in many parts of India. I recently visited to Rajasthan and situation there is worst of divine Gaia ,people there are doing Gauraksha BUT hardly any GAUSEVA, the places where i visited in Rajasthan are Jalore, bali, sirohi and most of the place near jalore and in all these places more than 500 divine Gaia were left by the greedy Gaushala owner & dairyowners on the streets and many of them are dying out of starvation because there is NO ONE to take their responsibilty .
The shocking part is that most hindus in those areas choose to remain ignorant and prefer to drink buffalo milk (as i could not see any jersey cow but saw many local Marwari farmer have buffalo in their home ) . When I visited the Gaushala all divine Gaia were very hungry and when I got grains , jaggery to feed them the Gaushala owner did NOT allow me to give them by saying ” they are already feeded keep all the grains outside I will give them all afterwards”, from local residence I came to know that the owner of Gaushala is very greedy , he takes the donation in the name of dharma divine Gaia but does not take care of them and leaves them in roadside ; Infact 2 days before my visit the local marwari farmer abandoned Gomata and she die out of electric shock on the roaside and the calf was taken care by some kind person;The local people in rajasthan are least bothered to feed the divine Gaias and are just waiting them to die; Most of the divine Gaias are injured very badly, eating plastic, garbage, and this was for more than 500 divine Gaias. I feeded the roadside divine Gaias with grains , water, with as much quantity as i could in that state.
The BIG question arises even if we do GAURAKSHA who will take care, their moral PERSONAL responsibilty for their PROTECTION till their natural death; if people knew the importance of GAUSEVA in human life , the situation of Gauraksha would not arise.
There are very few genuine Gaushala remaining in India which are truly dedicated for the PROTECTION of the divine Gaia; but the unfortunate part is that most of the gaushala in India are becoming the profit and breeding centre where they abandon the divine Gaias after she stops giving milk (which is happening in rajasthan)
Emphasis SHOULD be given on “GAUSEVA” instead of Gauraksha; the situation of Gauraksha would NOT ARISE if the humans knew the importance of “GAUSEVA”. When dairyowner , greedy Gaushala owner abandon divine Gaia WHO will come forward to feed them till their natural death !
Due respect to all animals instead of keeping dogs, cats at home (which are just for pleasure), take a REAL step in PROTECTION of dharma _Gaia, by fulfilling moral obligation by taking PERSONAL responsibility of atleast 1 GAIA (Bharatiya Govansh)
Lord Krishna with Gaia

How did I reduce my helplessness towards Protection of Gaia.
It is tendency of human nature to WORRY at things that is outside/beyond their control .Personally  I got very worried when i saw more than 500 divine Gaias were left abandoned on the streets of Rajasthan. Then I remind myself to take ACTION that is within my control. Humans should use Buddhi and teach themselves to look at the things that is within their CONTROL and take ACTION for it. By taking ACTION that is within our control leads to 3 things:

-Firstly, it gives us joy & meaning to life

-Secondly, it gradually increases the area of control &

-Thirdly, it diminishes the helplessness towards external events.

This quote reminds to direct the action that is within our control.

So when I returned back from Rajasthan I promised myself to fulfill my moral obligation towards the Gauseva and Protection of divine Gaia as I believe the “ACTION of one man does make difference”.

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