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Divine HARIANA GAIA (भारतीय गोवंश) Series 7

HARIANA GAIA_ GOMATA Nandi (भारतीय गोवंश)- Series 7.


As per Bhagavata Purana, The samudra manthana i.e “churning of the Cosmic ocean “ episode brings to light the story of the creation of the Divine GAIA .i.e. Bharatiya Govansh in Bharat (India). Five divine Kamadhenus (wishfulling divine Gaias), viz, Nanda, Subhadra, Surabhi, Sushila, Bahula emerged in the churning and from them their descendants (वंशज) originated and moved across various regions of Bharat. Accordingly each of their descendants got name as per the state in which they remained for longer time, for example “ONGOLE Gomata” gets its name from Ongole city in Andhra Pradesh, similarly “SAHIWAL GOMATA” gets its name from Sahiwal District in the Punjab province of Pakistan., similarly “HARIANA GOMATA” gets its name from the northern part of Bharat ,Haryana state.This name derivation process holds true for all the descendants (Bharatiya Govansh) as they originated from the Bharat i.e continent India .
One of the reason for government negligence was blind acceptance of Western culture notion. Western countries through Genetic modification developed their own Cow (Bos TaURUS) with the sole purpose to profit dairy, meat industry. Since Foreign cows breeds are GM animals they give very high quatity of milk . Western / foreign countries look at the cow only from two perspective i.e milk and meat. 
INDIA for many years is the ONLY country that look their divine Gaias not only for milk, curd and ghee BUT more for its GOMUTRA (Urine),GOMAYA (Dung) as these 2 possess immense medicinal properties also these are constituted best organic manure for maintaining creating the top soil that made land rich fertile naturally & this is regarded as the pure rich form of Bioenergy, these 2 products were also used for healing many diseases through ayurveda treatment, this is the reason divine Gaias were considered treasure in the house which made ancient India very Prosperous , abundant , healthy nation.Great NEED in India to PROTECT its ROOTS _Divine Gaias (Bharatiya Govansh)
During Vedic period there was a treasure of more than 300 descendants of divine Kamadhenus  in various parts of Bharat , but unfortunately as of now there are less than 29 descendants of this divine Gaia  and that too most of them are at the verge of extinct.
Due to lack of government control, lack of strict laws for its export ,conservation & protection, breeds of “HARIANA GOMATA” is found in foreign countries where it is used for non-vegan, beef purpose. 
In the state of Haryana there is growing awareness among Indian farmers about the importance of GOMUTRA (urine) of “HARIANA GOMATA” .Many farmers are looking at “HARIANA GAIA” from the perspective of its GOMUTRA due to the presence of immense medicinal properties in it.
There is rise in demand among organic farmers for its Gomutra and Gomaya for Jeevamrutham, Beejamrutha and for Organic pesticides preparation from its Gomutra. (Under Zero budget farming preparations, it has been researched for six years by Subhash Palekar that “HARIANA GAIA” is one of the important Bharatiya Govansh whose dung and urine have immense natural medicinal properties to nourish & promote biological activity in the soil with zero cost)
Research evidence have shown the presence of immense medical properties in its “GOMUTRA” for human consumption .Advanced research is still in its infancy, however for future development of newer drugs “GOMUTRA” from PURE GAIA Bharatiya Govansh holds a significant place in pharmaceutical industry.
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