Vedas Understanding

VEDAS Understanding

Vedas understanding

Vedanga meaning and introduction.

What is the meaning of Vedanga ?  

The meaning  of वेदाङ्ग ( Vedanga) is वेद का अंग (limbs or organs of the Vedas). 

The term वेदाङ्ग ( Vedanga) is made of 2 Shabda (words) , वेद + अङ्ग  = वेदाङ्ग.  

वेद means ज्ञान (Knowledge) and अङ्ग means body part . Just like organs of body helps humans to do various tasks similary Vedanga is a supportive literature work by various Maharishis of bharat that helps in understanding Vedas . In modern language , वेदाङ्ग ( Vedanga) are the sciences developed by great Maharshi (महर्षि) of bharat for understanding interpretation of Vedas.

Vedanga meaning
These 6 Vedanga were created by Great Maharishis  to facilitate the understanding of Vedas.
The knowledge of Vedanga (वेदाङ्ग) is a necessary condition to understand vedas. After a long intense Tapasya (तपस्या) and  Dhyana (ध्यान), the Vedas were REVEALED (प्रकट) to the great Maharshi (महर्षि)  by Paramatma (परमात्मन्) in form of  “dhvani “(ध्वनि) and “Shabda”  (शब्द) .
What is Apaurusheya ?

Vedas are apaurusheya (अपौरुषेय ) meaning NOT of human origin . Vedas are absolute  (संपूर्ण) in the field of knowledge because it does not possess any kind of mistakes which is found in human creation

As Vedas are अपौरुषेय (apaurusheya /NOT of human origin) , the great Maharshi (महर्षि) of bharat  knew that it would be impossible for humans to understand the Vedas so they formed Vedanga (वेदाङ्ग ) as an important means to gain the understanding of vedas.

How many Vedangas are there ?

1.Shiksha  (शिक्षा) 

2.kalpa (कल्प)

3.Vyakarana (व्याकरण)

4.Nirukta (निरुक्त)

5. Jyotisha (ज्योतिष)

6. Chandas (छन्द)

Let us understand the meaning of all the 6 Vedanga through below video

Introduction to Vedanga

NOTE: There were countless great Maharishis who had worked on these different Vedangas. Under different Vedic shakhas they produced these different Vedangas and with the destruction of Vedic shakhas their precious work was also lost. Under Shiksha Vedanga itself we find more than 40 books that belongs to different Vedic shakhas produced by different Maharishis. At present only a small number of their work have survived like under Vyakarana Vedanga the work of Maharishi Panini has survived, under Nirukta Vedanga the only work of Maharishi Yaska has survived, in our future videos more details will be given of the work that has survived

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