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Samskrit letter Pronunciation Places (वर्णस्थानगणना)

Each Samskrit Varn (letter) has a distinctive sound attached to it that comes from its place of origination (वर्णानाम् उत्पत्तिस्थानानि )that is produced by various speech organ, so Samskrit letter Pronunciation Places (वर्णस्थानगणना) means the number of speech organ places from where samskrit letter is to be pronounced. The number of speech organ places from where samskrit letter is to be pronounced is been detailed out in Paniniya Shiksha Shloka 13

As discussed in Shiksha that it was imperative need to preserve the Vedas in its highest accuracy form as they were transmitted orally (श्रुति परम्परा) across the world . The incorrect उच्चारण (pronunciation) on the part of disciple would be great destruction to the Vedas and for this reason at the fundamental level the Guru imparted the knowledge of उच्चारण through Shiksha Vedanga . The disciple having gained this primary knowledge would correct himself on account of improper उच्चारण (pronunciation) thereby maintaining the accuracy of Vedas intact.

Passing knowledge of Samskrit letter Pronunciation through Oral tradition

*NOTE: In this post we are understanding Samskrit letter Pronunciation Place as per Paniniya Shiksha shloka.

As per Paniniya Shiksha Shloka 13 , there are 8 speech organs places of samskrit letter which as उरस , कण्ठ , शिर , जिह्वामूल , दन्त , नासिका , औष्ठ and तालु.

Samskrit letter Pronunciation Places
Samskrit letter Pronunciation Places

Also if you want to understand above Paniniya Shiksha shloka then it has been explained in below video.

After understanding from the above video the 8 Pronunciation places ,

now the question comes:

Which Samskrit letter is to be pronounced from which Pronunciation place ? How to pronounce a Samskrit letter correctly ?

the answer to these above questions is in Birth Places of Samskrit varn as per Paniniya Shiksha (उच्चारण स्थान)

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