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Difference between letter ऌ and लृ

Introduction to लृ

लृ is a स्वरयुक्त व्यञ्जन (svarayukta Vyanjan) . स्वरयुक्त व्यञ्जन means combination of vyanjan (consonant) with a swar (vowel) . स्वरयुक्त व्यञ्जन is also known as ” गुणिताक्षराणि:”or “स्वरयुक्त अक्षर”

लृ वर्ण is formed by the combination of vyanjan ” ल् “ with swar ” ऋ ”

लृ  svarayukta Vyanjan
स्वरयुक्त व्यञ्जन “लृ”

What is the उच्चारण of लृ वर्ण ?

The following key things needs to be remembered while doing उच्चारण (pronunciation) of any स्वरयुक्त व्यञ्जन or स्वरयुक्त अक्षर-

  1. The उच्चारण स्थान and प्रयत्न of that particular व्यञ्जन वर्ण should be known.
  2. The उच्चारण स्थान and प्रयत्न of that particular स्वर वर्ण should be known.
  3. While doing उच्चारण (pronunciation) of both the व्यञ्जन + स्वर (keeping in mind both the above points ) together (स्वरयुक्त व्यञ्जन /स्वरयुक्त अक्षर ) it should have the ending sound of that particular स्वर only with which that व्यञ्जन वर्ण is combined.

Let us understand all these 3 points through the example by doing उच्चारण of स्वरयुक्त व्यञ्जन लृ .

  1. The उच्चारण स्थान of व्यञ्जन वर्ण ” ल् ” is दन्त स्थान and it has ईषत्स्पृष्ट प्रयत्न (as per Paniniya Shiksha  Shloka17, and 38). In ईषत्स्पृष्ट प्रयत्न the tongue touches the place of pronunciation slightly (थोड़ा – सा स्पर्श ) , in this case it is व्यञ्जन “ल्” which slightly touches “दन्त स्थान”. **Note : ” ल् “ is inherently an अन्तस्थाः (Antasth vyanjan) wherein the partial flow of वायु should remain inside the mouth and this is the reason this letter has ईषत्स्पृष्ट प्रयत्न.
  2. The उच्चारण स्थान of स्वर वर्ण ” ” is मूर्ध स्थान and it has विवृत प्रयत्न ( as per Paniniya Shiksha  Shloka17, and 38) . In “विवृत प्रयत्न” the tongue is away from the place of pronunciation , in this case it is स्वर “ऋ” which is away from “मूर्धा स्थान”
  3. Now , while doing उच्चारण of स्वरयुक्त व्यञ्जन वर्ण ” लृ “, we have to keep in mind both the above 2 points and the ending sound should be of स्वर ऋ. (Just like when we pronounce स्वरयुक्त व्यञ्जन “क” the ending sound which comes is of स्वर ” अ ” as क् + अ = क , same thing goes for स्वरयुक्त व्यञ्जन “लृ” as ल् + ऋ = लृ the ending sound which comes is of स्वर “ऋ”)
Pronunciation ( उच्चारण ) of लृ वर्ण

What is the difference between letter ऌ and लृ ?

We have already seen the introduction and pronunciation of ऌ वर्ण . Let us understand the difference between them through this below table:

It is a स्वर वर्ण (Vowel letter)It is स्वरयुक्त व्यञ्जन (Consonant with vowel)
Just like any other स्वर वर्ण (like अ , इ , उ ) “ऌ” does not require any other letter for its pronunciation. It has its independent ध्वनि (sound) लृ वर्ण has initial component of व्यञ्जन ” ल् “ so it is dependent on स्वर वर्ण for its pronunciation, it has the ending sound of स्वर “
ऌ has 12 varieties . (These varieties are as per उदात्त: , स्वरितः, and अनुदात: )लृ does NOT have any varieties.
While doing उच्चारण of वर्ण , “वायु” without any obstruction flows outside the mouth (अस्पृष्ट)As लृ वर्ण has element of  consonant “ल्” so initially the flow of “वायु” is  within the mouth (अन्तस्थाः)

Why there is confusion between the usage of ऌ वर्ण and लृ वर्ण ?

There has been confusion in writing while representing स्वर “ऌ” and स्वरयुक्त व्यञ्जन “लृ”, “Confusion in writing” here means the confusion in “लिपि” or script (font) . This confusion in “लिपि” is evidently seen when we see the various Vedic texts printed with different font style in devanagari script.

Originally the font style for devanagari script , स्वर “ऌ” and स्वरयुक्त व्यञ्जन “लृ” has subtle difference which is in its downward “C” like shape stroke appearance and the vertical line.

ऌ and लृ difference
ऌ and लृ difference

स्वर “ऌ” has a very small downward “C” like shape stroke appearance and the verticle line is also small, whereas for स्वरयुक्त व्यञ्जन “लृ” the downward “C” like shape stroke appearance is wider and verticle line is also big .

While printing samskrit scriptures especially the Vedic texts , different font style were used like FreeSerif , Siddhanta , Sahadeva, FreeSans, Nakula, Gargi, Lohit Devanagari, FreeMono, Mangal , Chandas and so one .

ऌ and लृ difference
Font style error while printing स्वर वर्ण “ऌ

Each of these font styles show some variations in representing some अक्षर (Aksharas) of Vedic samskrit which can be seen above for स्वर “ऌ” and स्वरयुक्त व्यञ्जन “लृ” . This font style variation has lead to the error which is visibly seen between स्वर “ऌ” and स्वरयुक्त व्यञ्जन “लृ”. Most of the Vedic texts have been printed in these above font style so the confusion in the minds of reader is inevitable.

difference between ऌ and लृ

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